Middlesex University

The project is co-ordinated and managed by Middlesex University. The university has experience of developing and delivering programmes in drug and alcohol studies, including distance learning. In addition, theory and practice in the field of drugs/alcohol is taught within health, criminology and social work programmes, disseminating knowledge to students who are not specialists in this subject area. Staff are research active in the field and there is a multi-disciplinary Drug and Alcohol Research Group (DARG) which hosts seminars where current research is shared and outside experts are invited to present papers. The team consists of:

Professor Betsy Thom

Professor Anthony Goodman

Dr. Jenni Ward

Dr. Karen Duke

Dr. Linda Bell

Professor Vincenzo Ruggiero

Center for Rusmiddelforskning, Aarhus University, Denmark

The Centre for Alcohol and Drug Research has existed since 1993. It is attached to the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Aarhus. The Centre is truly interdisciplinary, which is reflected in the educational background of the staff (psychologists, anthropologists, jurists, media research). The core work tasks of the staff are: research, teaching, evaluation and assessment, and impartation of research results to people working on the drug scene. The Centre has four areas of expertise relevant for the Master: a) drug policy, b) drug treatment, c) prevention, and d) cultural aspects of consumption. Especially in relation to clients’/users’ perspectives, the Centre has much expertise and an extensive research network, especially inside the Nordic countries.

The team consists of:

Associate Professor Torsten Kolind

Prof. Mads Uffe Pederson

Prof. Vibeke Asmussen

University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

The team has extensive expertise in research and education in social work and social policy. They have experience of research and teaching in harm reduction and drug addiction studies and in community mental health. Ethnographic research approaches are central to the work of this group. They are involved in MACESS – European Comparative Social Studies – and in other international projects , Socrates and tempus programmes. The team consists of:

Professor Vito Flaker

Dr. Vera Grebenc

Tadeja Kodele

Dr. Ines Kvaternik Amra Sabic

University del Piemonte Orientale “A Avogardo”, Novara, Italy

The Avogadro University is the second University of Piedmont. There are about 1300 students involved in Medical programs. The research group is headed by Professor Faggiano, the head of the chair of Public Health, who is involved in several research studies on translational research in the field of Prevention, especially Evidence-based Prevention (EBP). In collaboration with the Monitoring Centre for Drug Addiction of the Piedmont Region, the group has applied the method of Evidenced Based Prevention (EVB) in the fields of tobacco, drugs and alcohol abuse, especially developing school-based prevention programs. In addition, the group is working on the surveillance of the health effects of alcohol, tobacco and drugs, on the development of survey methods to estimate the impact of alcohol on society and on Health Impact Assessment methods applied to substance use and addiction interventions. Beccaria, Scarscelli and Prina have been mainly involved in sociological research on alcohol and drugs.

The team consists of:

Professor Fabrizio Faggiano

Dr. Franca Beccaria (1)

Dr. Franca Beccaria (2)

Professor Daniele Scarscelli

Professor Franco Prina

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